Amsterdam footwear label Filling Pieces has developed quite a cult following in the few years its been in the game and are striving to become a mainstay in the industry.

With its current Spring/Summer 2014 collection, the Filling Pieces continues to impress with its attention to detail, material choices, and strong silhouettes.  Introducing several new looks for its signature silhouette including the Low Top, High Top, Desert Boot and Mountain Cut runner, the collection explores different textural landscapes with its premium leather uppers. Aside from smooth leather embossed with croc and elephant patterns, one particularly special detail is the handcrafted wrinkled-leather effect produced through a small factory in France. The palette is similarly nature-inspired and consists of deep earth tones, sandy yellow, red, indigo and neutrals.


Available by phone order, or at our physical Showroom, by appointment.


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