Mark McNairy, (a.k.a. McNasty) seems like a pretty tough dude. Backstage at his shows he’s consistently reserved and straight-faced as he sparingly answers questions from beneath his broad-billed baseball cap. But judging by his latest outing—which was a veritable runway riot—he must have a freaking blast designing his collections. “I guess I just want people to have fun,” said the designer about his Spring ’14 range. It included everything from cheeky T-shirts (one was printed with an image of a saltine and read “Original Cracker” in blue) to lovely mismatched pop-colored wingtips, and shorts and overalls embroidered with little yellow rubber duckies.  And, considering the above-mentioned touches, sweet baby-blue seersucker bucket hats with daisy embellishments seemed a clever wink.  Industry insider Nick Wooster received a few hoots and hollers from editors as he strutted in zebra-print shorts and a tailored cobalt blazer, and rapper Pusha-T completed the lineup, wearing a baseball cap that read, “Be Nasty.”


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Model: @IDerrickJohnson

Photographer: @Collin_DC