The Story behind Treason Toting Company: We are a culmination of our experiences. Local neighborhood influences unexpectedly meshed well with the fabric of more worldly cultures to create a duality of sophisticated grit. Our passion for creating accessories and life complimenting products came from our inability to find goods that spoke to our specific style pallet. Our products speak to the creative class member with style, form and function. The office worker that carry’s his tools of trade in his bag while trekking from work to play, but is always prepared for the unexpected opportunity. We hope to capture the essence of such a journey in our products and provide a sense of confidence to our customer with our quality domestically manufactured pieces.  We aren’t interested in the masses. We are interested in the true believers, the influencers, the risk takers and the dedicated that posses the gravitas and conviction to push towards their next way-point with intention.


Available by phone order, or at our physical Showroom, by appointment.