Mookee By Yuske

MOOKEE by Yuske was created by Yuske Kamiya in 2010. Yuske is a high-end fashion designer who currently resides in Long Beach, California. Having lived in Long Beach for much of his life, Yuske realized that his community at large typically could not afford the high price points attached to his high-end designs. As a result, Yuske created a separate brand in hopes of penetrating the culture of his community. MOOKEE by Yuske is the embodiment of that idea.  MOOKEE is a representation of style and culture. It is derived and inspired by music, art, and vintage culture. MOOKEE conforms from the days of Van Halen to the b-boy days of hip-hop. Studying the art of Keith Haring and Basquiat to surfing and skateboarding in Vision Street Wear and Vans. Trends are not what inspire MOOKEE, but an eagerness to express ones self and stand out.